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Title: Web & Mobile Freelancer on Sweaty Quid
Post by: LillianaD0 on October 12, 2019, 04:28:32 AM

I am a self-employed digital marketer. I used to work for a S.E.O agency in Brick Lane, London, however as a result of Brexit, I was made redundant so I came to a decision to freelance site in bangladesh ( for the time being.

I bring to the table years of experience in ranking sites and e-commerce retailers. I have collaborated with some of the top UK and US household names on their INTERNET MARKETING and so have a good working understanding of how Search Engine Optimisation works and how to employ the right strategies to grow site traffic, profits and natural ranks on Google.

I have created some pitches on Sweaty Quid, a freelance marketplace, but they do not by any stretch of imagination cover every thing I can possibly do. If you require some major custom work, please message me on Sweaty Quid. You may do so via my profile web page:

I still have easy access to several wonderful useful resources and so I can deploy those during my S.E.O campaigns.

I look forward to working with you!

Kind regards
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