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Where is success

is business success for the educated only?

The purpose of going to school is to succeed in life. School pupils are always trying to do their work hard enough to achieve good grades. These good grades act as a passport for them to move from one class to another up until they finish their university. Is success determined by academic grades? The answer is “No”. The backbone of success is what is found in the mind of a student. A student may have all the ability and knowledge to get A* but can that mean the student is successful “No”. The purpose of going to school is to acquire knowledge that will help a student to use in their journey to success. Acquiring knowledge from school helps you as a student to make decisions and to find the best opportunities in life. If you look in the world around, specifically in our country, the economic situation has acted as an excuse for success of many people. Everyone is just saying that there are no jobs. Yes, jobs maybe difficult to get but were you made to be an employee? Where there is no job there is opportunity for you to create one. This is a fact.
Different people have different understanding about success. This is what others think about success :

1.Someone is said to be successful when they can manage to feed their family and send kids to school.
2.Success is when a person stays in their personal house and drive their own car.
3.Success is when you can freely do anything you want that needs money at anytime of the day.
4.Success is when you get a better salary than your parents.

All these views are not wrong but they are incomplete. If you look at those, they are financial based views. Success is not only measured by financial ability and strength. There are other important factors that have to be put into consideration these includes the social relationship, personal management, peace of mind, security. These factors are not achieved by having so much money but by just having the ability to understand what success is
How can one be successful:

1.Have a goal to achieve

This goal must act as your measure of success

2.Have a positive mind

A positive mind will act as your motivator

3.Read widely

Reading about the success of others will help you with other important essentials of success

4.Have the desire to succeed

5.Continuously measure your progress

In conclusion, success does not come from external factors like education, it comes from your mindset. A positive mindset will help you reach your success quickly. School is there to give us knowledge to use in our journey to success. External factors are just stepping stones and I repeat again, “success is in the mindset only”..


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