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Family Relationship

A family is basically a group of people living in the same house. This is the basic understanding that everyone has and is correct. This hand out is going to show you how you can live with your family properly and in peace. There are factors that are to be considered by each member of the family inorder accommodate each other in the family. These factors are listed below as independent expanded points. They should be considered by everyone, no matter who you are in the family. Every individual has a special role to play in the family and it varies with the age, usually. Family respect is usually given to people according to the way they do their things and their age too. This should be attended to and understood so that there may be no conflicts in house.

Personal Understanding

This is when an individual understands the way they react to other people around. This is an important aspect that each family member should understand. Personal understanding will help an individual to know what to do and how to address issues to each of the family member. This is important because it reduces the rise of conflicts that may be caused by another family member.

Daily duties

Refusing to do duties will cause conflicts between the family members especially the parents and the kids. There is no excuse that kids should have in regard to the duties they should perform at home. Duties are not to punish you, they are there to give you an additional skill that will help you in achieving your personal goals. It is very important that people may be able to perform duties that are available at home. This prepares them to be equipped people who are able to different things.

Reporting system

It is very important for each family to know who to report to and how to address the issues. When you get into a problem, it is important to know whether to report to the father, mother, sister or brother. Issues that pertains the use of funds is very important, people are very sensitive to the way that money is spend and you should be careful with the way you ask for money. It should be polite and clear.

Background and culture

Every family has things that they are used to do. This might be days that they know they are used to visit another place or the days they do their family trips and holiday. As a family member, these should be attended to and you should never violet these occasions for they will cause conflicts

Is all this really important to follow?

Yes, it is very important to follow this. This usually determine your future and the way you do things. When somebody is in conflicts with their family it will then mean that they will not perform well their duties at work. This may lead to the signing of very important contracts in confusion or even loss of sales due to poor communication skills that maybe caused by confusion.


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