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Tourism is basically the study of people who are traveling from one area to another destination. Tourism maybe done domestically, that is when people visit places that are around them or in the same country with them. A very good example will be a Zimbabwean traveling from Harare to Victoria falls for a new year holiday. This person is a tourist because he/she is going to visit a tourist destination for only a few days. Tourism may also be international tourism, which is known by everyone. A very good example will be an American coming to Zimbabwe to view the Great Zimbabwe walls. All these people uses transport which is in different forms. This document is going to give you cautions and hints that are to be followed when using each mode of transport.

Air Transport
This form of transport is one of the safest modes when traveling because it is monitored and fully controlled. It is safe from the thieves though caution is also needed. People traveling using the airplanes are to be careful when they get off the plane. Caution is needed when you take your bags to a hotel you will be staying. Many people relax and forget about the security issues. It is important to practice security measures in a country that is not of your own.

Road Transport
This form of transport has a lot of modes in it. We find the buses, taxes and cars in it. When using this mode of transport, it is very important that you practice all the safety and security measures because of its easy access. Tourist are strongly encouraged to take care of their bags when traveling with the bus. When choosing a tax, it is also important to use a tax that has a brand that is well known in order to avoid risks associated with unknown tax drivers.

Sea Transport
Those who uses this form of transport says that it is the most painful way of travelling. They say this because they know that a journey that is traveled by an aero plane for 12 hours can take them 3 months. It is very important to carry all the things you need in this long journey. It is a cheaper way of travelling very long distances between continents. You should always remember to carry all your medication that you may need because it maybe difficulty for you to quickly get to a hospital along the way.

Rail Transport
In developed countries, it is one of the fastest and safe ways of traveling. Security is also important in the train because of the number of people that are there. as a tourist, it is also important to get information about the train’s destinations before leaving an area

Transport is a very important section in the tourism industry therefore you should be careful when you choose the way you want to travel. It is also important to use the travel agencies who can help with advice and sometimes the cars and planes.


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