Why education is important

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Posted: Fri 15 Apr 2016
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Education has a great influence on how someone thinks and how they apply their thinking. It is very easy for educated people to make decision. Uneducated people can also make decision but the quality of decision differs from that of educated people. Here are some of the reasons why you should be educated

1 Production of quality decision

Educated people knows the law, they know how it is applied and they can also apply what they have learned in their area of study to their life they live. Their decision is made of facts that are acquired from school and therefore companies will prefer employees who would have passed through that road.

2. Quick in doing things.

Educated people knows formulas. These helps them in calculating their money, distance, weight, etc. they will be using the formulas that they learned at school especially subjects like accounting, mathematics and physics.

3. Quick in finding alternative

It is very quick to find alternative ways when you are educated. This is because these people are trained at school to find other ways of doing things. They have many ways of performing a task.

 4 Passport for Career

When looking for a job, the HR manager will look at the qualifications that one has. The only way that a person can acquire good qualifications is through school. School gives you qualifications and knowledge will give you skills.


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