Convertible Kids' Rooms

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Posted: Fri 03 Jun 2016
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Designer Miles Redd doesn't do kids' rooms — or any room designed to be outgrown. So for a pair of New York City siblings, ages 5 and 7, he created a colorful playroom (above) with longevity in mind.

1. Lacquered Walls

Redd transformed a blank canvas into an arts-and-crafts room in custom emerald green lacquer with polished stainless steel banding. "I hate to say we were inspired by Brooke Astor's red library, but we were!" he says. When the kids are of age, it will seamlessly convert into a glamorous lounge. "Childhood is brief. Before you know it, these kids will be teenagers."

2. Stainless Sink

A polished custom sink with a streamlined faucet from Waterworks makes cleaning paintbrushes a breeze, and it will (eventually) make a handy bar sink for entertaining.

3. Cork Floors

Cork is ideal for children: "It's soft underfoot for running and playing, plus you can drop things on it and they won't break," Redd says. To give it a chic look, he laid the panels in a parquet de Versailles pattern, created in the late 17th century at that Versailles.

4. Plenty of Storage

Cabinets that Redd designed with the project's architects, Richard A. Bories and James Shearron, currently stash away toys, blocks and art supplies but can be converted to bar storage (and even fridge drawers!) down the line.

5. Bulletin Board

What's now a show-stopping place for the kids' artwork will make a perfect surface for a painting later.

6. Ample Seating

The cozy felt window-seat cushion with horn buttons and a mattress edge will beckon friends in their teen years — just swap out the IKEA table and stools for some low-slung cocktail tables and, as Redd says, "You can hang in there."


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