Giving opportunities to Zim students.

a nation of thinking people.

Welcome to Deskmate!

Deskmate increases diversity in Zimbabwe by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are- at their skill-level, in their schools and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. Launched in February 2016, Deskmate.co.zw is dedicated to expanding access to e-learning, awareness and opportunities within the Zimbabwean students. At deskmate, the user will always be put first and that is why Deskmate stays competitive with other "educational/student's platforms" by adding numerous user-requested, easy-to-use and simply-great features.

We are and will remain your Mate! Deskmate is built for simplicity and ease of use; ensuring the average Zimbabwean can use Deskmate like a natural extension of themselves. Confusing menus, undesired pre-loaded content and settings that cannot be found are all avoided as much as possible. Because when it comes down to it, Deskmate is YOUR "deskmate for success", and should reflect your taste as much as possible.

Giving Zimbabwean students access to the best opportunities.

To have every Zimbabwean student find joy and purpose

We believe that quality education should be available to every child, not just a lucky few.

Professional Support
Deskmate offers high quality professional support with its own support team.