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What does it take to be the next great person??
« on: March 14, 2016, 12:51:56 PM »
What does it take to be the next great person.

I certainly dont know your line of interest in innovation or business but let me just say you also think that Lionel Messi,
Ophrah Winphrey and Steve Jobs are great Human beings you look up to! If you have a row model then all I have to say to you is that-
you are almost close to the success you need in life. I mean, if you are a soccer fan, what makes Lionel Messi better tahn you?
Are you into swimming? Then what makes Michael Phelps better than you?
Are You in business or investing? What makes Warren Buffet richer and smarter than you?

I just mentioned a few people but from those few, did you notice one thing? All these people you admire are just normal people!
There are not smarter than you or me, they do not have extra attributes or talents- we were all created equal. I believe that,
as the successful have proven-its all up in your mind. Its the mentality, the desire that drove successful men and women to
the top. Not juju or kuromba- aihwa!

Let us go into detail:
Steve Jobs was obsessed with perfectionism-look at the quality of Apple Inc products now. Above all, he loved his work.

Michael Phelps practice for the Olympics 4 years before- school kids study for an exam the night before, and generally
everyone does something when it is almost too late...but not Mike, he is so honest with his practice.Practice make it

Adolf Hitler(though he was a nightmare to most people) had to work his way up to the top! He used to practice speeches the
whole night in front of a mirror to perfect his posture, body language and voice tone!

These are just a few examples. But as you can see, like Napolion Hill said, 'Desire is the beginning of success'. Have the
desire to be successful, have the right mentality, concentrate your energy and efforts to your work and success will come
running after you.

We're former students so we know what we are saying.... We have a bit of teachers too.


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